The camera is directed at details of the artist's body, in particular his stomach and penis. The artist urinates onto his abdomen and we see the wet hair close-up. He sits up and, in close-up again, we see him forcing out his feces onto the white paper beneath him. he rubs his rump over it, spreads excrement on his chest, and penetrates it with his penis. He smears his trunk, then his groin, and then his neck with it. The camera films the events close-up and from diverse angles, including upside-down. The artist drags his body over the soiled paper, lies on it belly downward and finally rubs his face in excreta, spreading it with his fingers. He kneels before the camera, swaying while the camera itself sways as it films him. The rhythmic to and fro accelerates until the picture is only recognizable as a shadowy blur. The video closes with a close-up of the artist's face.