So I have these friends with monkeys and everything. So one of them says to me this time I'm going to smack you. As a matter of course, I preempted his targeting with a fist from my own. Then things got out of head. The floor began to reveal itself at the molecular compositional level and at its head stood grains smaller more vast than any mind could have trouble with no not the clicky it.

The speed of my movement was too high for the allergic air to happen upon my development as surviving guy. There were people in there but couldn't hear what I had to say for one reason I don't know. My legs wouldn't run to them either so I froze my self there and then. When I got up those legs were missing.

Turns out I forgot. When things are bad they are heavy on us and goodness seems light. Joining them makes indifference the wave of the future. Joining joining. My words are falling. It's less each time that it matters. Each time it makes less.